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Got em, Finally!

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This fox has been visiting this set for a couple of weeks. He always seemed to miss the pan so I put in a second trap!

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Good work!

I have a trap smart one that has moved into my property that is going to need a little extra work to catch too.
Now that is a RED fox! Nice catch.
That'll teach him!!
Color wise that is one of the best looking reds I've seen in a while
BEAUTIFUL cherry red !!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats !!!!!!!

I was told Cherry Reds sale better?!? (Given equal primeness and proper handling against other varieties). Is that correct?
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If you are selling one pelt at a time they bring 5 or 10 dollars more than one with a frosty butt. If you have them in with a bunch of pelts your average may go up a little.I used to catch a few here but of late the reds seem to be getting more and more white fur on their rumps all the time.
An other thing I have noticed is the grays seem to be getting more red in their fur. Anybody else see that?
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