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Got a little grouse action.

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I left early today to head a little further north to try to find grouse in the Rothrock State Forest. I never hunted the area before and it was a little adventerous getting there. But I made it without any problems and unloaded the dogs and started walking towards an area that looked good on google maps. Not long into things I saw some good signs:

Grouse tracks!

This is an improvement already over my past grouse hunts. Here are a few pictures of the cover:

The dogs worked well and checked back in often enough for me not to worry about them running off. The dogs were working back to me and were able to produce a grouse for me. It flushed left to right and as I shot the bird flew behind a large pine tree. Well, at least I got some action. That was the only bird we found but it is an improvement. I'll have to check out the area again sometime but it may have to wait until next year.

On the way home I stopped by the local club to check things out and got these pictures:

Blitz on point

A close up of what he found. Not long after I took the pictues the birds flushed. It was a good way to end the day.
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Looks like a fine day afield.
Sounds like a nice trip. I've been looking at that area hard for a grouse trip this year. Close enough for a nice afternoon hunt. Thanks for sharing!!!
Pghbirdhunter said:
Nice to see some quail in pa.
They are liberated quail who don't want to recall to the johnny house. They have been out for quite some time now.

Angus, there are more areas I want to check out up there but I don't think I'm going to be able to get back up this season. At least I have some leads for next year.
Nice looking area. At least you got to shoot at a grouse.

The clock is ticking on the season. ...
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