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got a intresting pic

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but need to send it to someone to post and you guys to identify or gues at it
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Heres the pic from frank1969: Taken in Ohio 40 miles from pa

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thanks buck anybody got any guess what made this track?
A bobcat without a money clip or wallet...its a shame it doesn't know the value of a dollar yet!
I thought bobcat too but it looks like nail marks? Musta been on it's way to buy a lotto ticket.
the track was not melted and I was not sure what it was the wco in ohio put the dollar yhere for a size comparison and its big with nails he took 30 to 40 pics and all he said is its k9 and not a house dog. I said cat and he said its to big the track was in brushcreek wma
I would guess it is a hound dog track.....

Here is a pic for size boots are size 11, these tracks are from my 100 pound Bluetick....

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Yep my first instinct was a hound dog...our walker dogs leave some dang big tracks in the buddies mom swore a bear was walking around the chicken house one day...we went down and sure enough, just the dogs running past lol...

Cats wont leave nail marks....
Ram said:
This is easy..Coyote.
That would be a quite large coyote.....
Lets face it guys. Everyone knows that is a mountain lion track
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Looks like a melted out hound dog track to me....youll see 100s anywhere we ran the previous days.
im thinking dog also
It's either a chupacabra or a man/bear/pig!
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