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This week my uncle Les passed away, he was a great uncle to
me and my brother. He was a hunter/fisherman and served his
country in the military where he was dratfed to the army.
He worked as a prison guard for years before retiring. He
loved his family, his guns, and unfortunately his alcohol
and cigarettes. His later years were plagued with health
problems due to those substances. Though he tried to quit
a few times he just never could stay off them for long. In
the end he got sick with pneumonia and refused medical help.
We tried to get him to go but he wouldn't so I hope he is
happy with his decision and that he is in a better place
now with his brothers and friends that went before him. I
am not gonna paint him as a saint in this memorial because
at times in his life he wasn't, the alcohol at times brought
out the worst in him. However; he was always honest about
that side of him and I hope God can forgive him for his sins
I am gonna miss him and his stories. I used to love hearing
about all the old hunting stories he had about his brothers
and him back when they were growing up. Some were funny,
some just make you see how much things have changed over
the many years. He lived quite a life and I always remember
him grinning saying "I had fun" when thinking back on his
life, well I had fun knowing him and I will miss him alot!

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Those substances get a whole lot of us, our Lord knows the true nature in us all, w/o the effects of alcohol and substances. I too have known and still have those like him, and we love them just the same. Sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle.
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