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Good shrubs for winter cover?

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What are some shrubs that provide winter cover for small game?
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Probably one of the easiest things to do for winter cover, as well as year round cover, is to do edge/border cuts. Simply drop all trees 20-30 yds back from field edges, log roads, etc. It'll get thicker than snot, but, you'll have to recut them every 10 years or so to keep that edge.
thicker than snot is good.
if you have a few rabbits around a couple of years after cutting the rabbit population will explode .
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Got some trees I can cut over

Thanks for the suggestion
Much as I hate to say this, I have an area that is thick with tartarian honeysuckle. Also have hawthorne along the edge of that. The honeysuckle gives a small berry. The grouse love it, and they like the little apples that come off the hawthornes.

I wouldn't plant the honeysuckle as its and invasive. Good cover tho, but spreads like crazy. Same with autumn olive. But, I know some on here will say plant the olive.
Already honeysuckle and olive in the area and really don't want to spread invasives but I do leave the ones that are out there already.
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