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Good Recipe for Deer Ribs...

Cut the thin layer of meat covering ribs off then cut inbetween the rib bones and remove the meat between them... carefully remove the Tallow Fat that is in between the layers of meat that you removed from between ribs... Take all the meat you worked to remove and Grind it up and add it to your Burger!

I've tried Rib Recipes before.. sometimes they work, most times they do not.. bad thing about the ribs is that that is the area where most of the Tallow Fat lays....If you have never eaten deer meat with tallon fat ground into it or left on and cooked, Take yourself a can of Crisco Shortening, take a tablespoon and get some of that crisco out of the can, eat away at that tablespoon full of crisco...only 1 thing different... you will have an easier time getting the Crisco off the roof of your mouth then you will with the tallow fat of a deer!

use a Filet knife and remove all that meat on the out side of the ribs and from between them, clean the fat off them and grind the meat up for'll enjoy it much better then working at cooking those ribs!
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