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Good muzzleloader shop in central Pa.

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Looking for a good shop somewhere in Altoona/johnstown area?
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BerksCoflinter said:
It is open to everyone and must be maintained.

Sorry Berks, but I gotta say it.
Coming from you, that has to be one of the most hypocritical statements I've ever seen here on HPA. Incredible.
Give me a little time and maybe I can top it for you.
I aims to please.
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Oh, I have no doubt you're capable, it just amazes me.

Back on topic. I was wondering if the original poster has ever shot at the Blair county Game, Fish, and Forestry Association? They have a nice muzzleloader range, and lots of knowledgeable(sp) people.
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I don,t believe T/C would be doin that at all.Their are several Companies that has dropped f/locks all together to just focus on inlines.I think it has to do with that it cost more cause they don,t make as many as they used to and they only probably make em at certain times of the year.When I ordered my custom made Renny from them last month they told me that they do not have a srictly f/lock line and that they specifically will stop to build the custom orders.
Very well said berkscoflinter for sure,I sure hope this season stays as is but we are the minority for sure among hunter's.I think it says a lot about us when you look at the forsale board, one of the nicest Pa hunter's on there that I have seen in a while, guy can't seem to get $250 for it.Compared to new thats a steal if someone was looking to get into this sport.
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