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Good muzzleloader shop in central Pa.

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Looking for a good shop somewhere in Altoona/johnstown area?
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Take a road trip to Dixons.Its worth it.
There use to be a decent shop in Holidaysburg but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. The other that is close to you is Fort Chambers Gun Shop in Scotland PA near Chambersburg.

Geesh, at one time I could rattle off the locations of at least a dozen in central PA. Ft Chambers is a good place. Jimmy Cullers is a first rate guy and a trained gunsmith if anyone ever needs work done.

Nobody I have ever seen has Dixon's wide variety.
Looking for a new TC Pennsylvania Hunter, any one out there has a new one, E-Mail [email protected]
There was a flint on the for sale form.
big bucks only said:
I bought my 1st muzzeloader from him & he sold me a Traditions Deer hunter for $300 that was a POS. Everytime you tilted the gun you lost all the powder because there was at least 1/4" gap from the pan to the touch hole.

I brought that brand new gun back to him 3 times for repairs. He ended up welding a washer next to the pan to decrease the gap.

If that guy was an expert why did he sell me the Traditions? IMO, go to Dixons.
I called T/C,s custom shop today to see if they will make a new Pa.Hunter.They said they are makin replacement barrels but don,t make a complete rifle.Bummer.
410-er said:
Take a road trip to Dixons.Its worth it.
Dixon's is the best muzzleloader shop I have visited. Very friendly and knowledgeable people.
Check out Fredericks Gun Shop in Martinsburg... Lots of smokepole supplies. Everything youwould need! Great prices!!!
I can only agree with 410-er here. You must make the trip to Dixon's Muzzleloader Shop to realize where this shooting enthusiasm is based. The opportunity to discuss flintlocks with Chuck and/or Greg will solidify in your mind why Pennsylvania is the last remaining State to offer a flintlock only season.

If you leave Dixon's with doubts about flintlocks, and where they fit in Pennsylvania's deer seasons, please sell your flintlocks and clear out of the January woods.
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scotchirish said:
Looking for a good shop somewhere in Altoona/johnstown area?
Look into Allegheny Trade in Duncansville. They have a bunch of stuff and are very helpful.
Like someone else mentioned, Fredericks Gun Shop right outside of Woodbury. Don't know if it still is, but there used to be a great place near Breezewood. Maybe someone else knows the name.
It,s a shame but it appears we are a dyin breed.Just about every gun shop I talk to says that f/lock sales are practically nothing.Everyone is on the inline kick.Yes I know their are some of you into the custom market and support them,but that is far and few between.We need to introduce youngins to the great sport of traditional b/powder.Look at CVA for example,they dropped all flinty,s from their lineup.
Have you seen the price on NEW T/C Hawkins lately??? Was at Bass Pro yesterday ,I know all their gun prices are crazy, but $799.99 for the hawkin?? Less than half that 6 or 7 years ago!!!
Holy Cow!! $800 for a TC Hawkin? That is salty enough to turn someone down. I agree with good ole boy, I just got into the flinters a few years ago. Yeah I have a custom gun on the way, but started with a lyman. If it were not for that gun I would not be into it as much as I have gotten and would have not liked it so much that I would put the investment into the custom gun
And I thought when the T/C Hawken hit 600 dollars it was nuts.
So, what are we saying? Flintlocks have become too expensive to continue to maintain this traditional season?

Our traditional flintlock season is too unique to put a dollar sign up as an obstacle. When my grandson was approaching hunting age, I wanted him to join his Dad and myself during the Pennsylvania Flintlock Season. I turned to the Dixie Catalog and ordered the Dixie Scout kit, and built my grandson's first flintlock! It ain't beautiful, but it is a tack driver, and we hunt together now in January.

It would be a travesty to allow our State's last remaining truly special season to dissolve into meaningless, because flintlocks are simply too expensive! Sell a modern rifle or shotgun and buy a kit. Take your time, keep all power tools in storage, and enjoy building a flintlock in the style of Beck, Bonewitz, Dickert, Haga, Angstadt, Beyer, Eister, Sell, and any of the many, many other exceptional Pennsylvania gunsmiths. There is a pretty definite chance yours won't turn out as a match for these builders, but who cares! You've made an honest attempt to recreate an historical firearm, and one you'll be proud to tote come next year's flintlock season.

Pennsylvania is where this Country's best flintlocks were created. The Game Commission realized the importance of our flintlock heritage, and saw fit to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind season to honor this special firearm. It is open to everyone and must be maintained.

Buy one, or build one, but please continue to support Pennsylvania's Flintlock Season, a season that plays a non-roll in our State's deer management program. This is not a "resource" season, it is a, "touch history" season.
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That is nuts.I can get one out of T/C,s custom shop for $150 cheaper than that WADMAN.Even at that,it still is a good chunk of change.
I agree with Berks.the prices are out of this world, and we need to continue with our wonderfull tradition of the flintlock only season. Do you think that perhaps it is a marketing plan for TC to raise the prices of the flintlocks to sell more inlines? Then in turn make the angry hunters who can't justify paying $800 for a TC Hawkin lobby to get rid of the FLINTLOCK season
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