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Good deal on Gen M3 Pmags

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Primary Arms has M3 Pmags for 9.95 (limit10). Shipping for me was 8 bucks. Now is the time to be putting some away.
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That's a good deal to go along with all the dealers practically giving away ARs. I've never seen so many sub $600 deals.
PSA has D&H teflon coated aluminum milspec 30's with Magpul AT followers for $6.99 each as a weekend deal.

Any reviews from someone on these?
D&H mags are GTG...hard to beat that price on a new mag. Best deal I ever got was $5 shipped for mags. I should have bought more.
DSG Arms has gen2 pmags on sale for $89 for 10 with free shipping for the next 24 hours. You need to create an account and log on to get the price. Didn't really need them, especially after ordering a bunch of D&H mags from PSA, but couldn't pass up the price
I'm blah about Magpul mags...Lancer makes a much better mag and they are a local company in PA to boot. Lancers aren't as inexpensive as other mags, but they are the very best AR15 mags in the market.
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