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My dad and I headed down to the Shippensburg area to do some rabbit hunting with some guys I got my pup off of this summer. It was a bitter cold saturday with temps never getting over 20. The first couple hours proved tough, got some rabbits up but they did not want to run. We eventually got a few up that wanted to run and the dogs ran like they were tied to it. Never even loaded the guns, just sat back and enjoyed the music. It was fun getting to run my pup with his dad, and see how he stacked up with the other dogs. For only being 8 months old, he is doing really good. We had 7 hounds on the ground, my pup, 2 of my dads dogs, 3 of Josh's and 1 of Jims. Here are some pictures.

Jim and one of the dogs

Josh and I working with the dogs

The dogs in hot pursuit

Josh, myself and Jim

Josh with his dogs Copper, Bell and Lady

Jim on the right with Tanner, myself on the left with my pup Jack, Tanners son
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