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We have about a foot of powder here so we headed for the nastiest multiflora thicket we know.
These are the only places that the rabbits will stay up in these conditions. It is thick thick thick, Can't get thru in a lot of places.
Hay between the roses made a surreal feeling as the snow was hung up on it. Had snow up to my waste on the hay as I waded in.
The dogs hunted well and the place like usual just crawled with bunnies, we jumped about 20 that we know of and manged to take 10.
Some runs were really good and others quite choppy, We had 5 split runs where the dogs were on seperate rabbits.

Good Good day was really happy with the hounds.
Molly was probably the strongest with Luke a close second.

People talk about habitat a lot.
Nothing holds rabbits like heavy multiflora.
Now is the time of the year to seriusly look at your habitat.
Not in the summer or fall when it all looks good.
Ain't no hawk or owl or coyote making a living where we were today. Just not happening.
Thicker is better and not just in the summer.

John L
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