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Very often people only comment on something negative, but I have a good report to make about Korker's customer service.

Last November, I bought a pair of River King convertible wading shoes from Cabela's. A couple of weeks ago, my right wading shoe split on both sides in the back of the shoe along the seams. I've had a problem in the past with their Redside wading shoes not being durable, so I tried the River Kings. I called Cabela's and was told I had to contact the manufacturer, which I did. I was told that the River King model had been discontinued and that I should request another model. I requested they send the Greenback model. I also requested that instead of the rubber soles that they send the studded felt. Initially I was told that they only sold those as an accessory and I could buy them at a reduced rate. After a couple of days, a customer service rep asked me if it was OK if he sent the Buckskin model because it was more durable, no extra charge. He is also including the studded felt wading soles, also no extra charge.

I thought it was worth letting everyone know.
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