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A few summers ago my son and I went on a cross PA (with elements of NY thrown in) fishing and woodchuck shooting tour. We were out for a week + and headed north to the Delaware Water Gap and then west on Rt 6 up to Erie. Along the way we visited the Lackawana Coal Company / Tioga Central Railroad (it was actually running and we go a great ride)/ Wellsboro and the PA Grand Canyon / Penns Cave / Titusville and a lot of places that just kind of grabbed our attention. We would see something that looked interesting, and off we would head. The run up to Rickets Glenn was not even a consideration but when we were on the Tioga RR we met up with a group of Catholic Sisters on vacation and one of them suggested we take the ride further up Rt 15 through Corning and on to Rickets Glenn. I sure am glad we did. Our excursion to NY was to Rickets Glenn and a terriffic boat tour and to see the Falls up that way. We slept in the bed of the truck 4 out of 8 nights as I have a tent that pops up there and washed up in truck stops or covienence store rest rooms. Frankly. we did not do well with the fishing but were real lucky with chucks, except in NY ofcourse, just stopping in farms and asking permission. Way more often than not - we got the OK and on 4 nights we were given permission to truck camp on farm property as long as we kept the place clean and took our stuff with us. I kept a log book but darned if I can find it now. I sure would like to do that again and just may take off this coming summer without the boy in tow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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