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Global warmingists..................

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With all due respect.............

Up yours..........

It's noon. It's May 15th. IT'S FREAKIN' SNOWING !!!!!!!!!!

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I've got more apple blossoms then I can ever remember, hope we don't get a frost in 2D tonight.
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This weather is crazy. It's in the low to mid 40's here in 5B with the wind chill. Supposed to get down to near freezing tonight. No wonder the turkeys are messed up this spring.
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Maybe another summer like 1816? Google summer of 1816 in Pa.
just got done with a basic white out of sleet here in Clarksburg. mother nature needs to look at the calender and see what month it is.
Butler , Pa . had 36 last night . Calling for 34 tonight . Snowing & sleet off and on all day .
The global warming started at the end of the ice age. Today we have tree huggers trying to profit off of notions that global warming is man made and new. It was warm back when we had dinosours. Just natural cycles. Did see snow yesterday while driving to Hazelton.
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