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getting started

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since my first thread got high jacked...

so i bought an inline... it doesn't come with anything but the gun and a sling... what other items do i need to get started? Obviously powder, primer bullet....
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You have, and will get lots of good recommendations. Knowing what to get and use is easy. The hard part is putting it all together.

The best advice I can give you is consistency. Consistency is key in shooting an MZ.

Constant pressure is the key to accuracy. So you want to load your rifle to give the same pressure every time.

Pressure=Volume X Energy. Since you know you can control the energy by the amount of powder you use. Then the hardest thing to control is volume.

A range rod is very important for this. Also buy a drill stop. I am assuming you know what a drill stop is. Buy the stop with the same diameter as your range rod. When you load your bullet take the drill stop and adjust it on the rod so that the drill stop stops the rod from pushing the bullet any farther into the barrel. What you are trying to avoid is compressed loads. Then your next bullet you load wil be seated in the exact same place as the last, because the drill stop will stop the range rod from setting the bullet any deeper.

This is a very easy, simple, and cheap way to keep your pressure consistent. And with consistent pressure you will have good groups, provided you do your part. Tom.
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