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getting started

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since my first thread got high jacked...

so i bought an inline... it doesn't come with anything but the gun and a sling... what other items do i need to get started? Obviously powder, primer bullet....
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Awesome! I had to do a search to figure out what the rifle was that you bought. CVA Accura is a fantastic rifle!

Range Rod is very important, CVA sells one for a great price at only around $28.

Powder tubes for loose powder * best way to go*

Powder: Blackhorn209 without a doubt!
Primers: CCI 209M
Bullets: 245-295-300-338gr Powerbelts shoot great in my Accura as well as the 250gr slick load sabots. 250gr and 300gr Thor conicals shoot great as well. Its a very good rifle with many projectiles.

cleaning supplies: with blackhorn209 you need an oil based cleaner and Butches bore shine is a great product for this powder.

when i get home i can PM you and help you out with more info
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