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getting started

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since my first thread got high jacked...

so i bought an inline... it doesn't come with anything but the gun and a sling... what other items do i need to get started? Obviously powder, primer bullet....
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Here's some load/bullet info:

I've owned 2 CVA's over the years with that 1-28 twist Spanish-made Bergara barrel. I found the 348 grain Powerbelt Aerotips stabilze very nicely pushed by approx 100 grains 2fg T7 or 2 50 grain T7 pellets. I suggest working up loads starting below 100 grains(if loose) in woking up to the optimum load. Many go with the more readily avaible 250 grainers which Ive shot also. The 348's group a little better & I found their performance on deer to be outstanding.

If you want to use black powder & not a substitute...I suggest getting some Swiss 3fg and start at 70 grains & work up. Swiss is a hotter powder(but cleaner) but if you really get into refining loads...its the absolute best you can get IMO. Very consistent granulation. I shoot it exclusively in my White Rifle Custom Super 91 .504 caliber. Its the choice of match black powder shooters. My TC pro Hunter seems to faver 2 T7 Magum pellets(=approx 120 grains 2F) and the TC Shockwave(Bonded) 250 grainers.

Each ML is differnt in what they seem to like. One thing to keep in mind though is that those max loads in your manual are rarely ever needed. Likely 150 grains is listed. Read manual "cover to cover" and then some if your new to the sport. CVA always had good safety manuals. of luck & look forward to your reports!!
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