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Ok here is my situation. I have a hd camera bought from Campbell's and the Campbell's video editor. But I have a video uploaded from best buy, it hooks up to the cord that came with camera (av out and red, yellow, white on other end) well that cord goes into a box and that box uses a USB mini to a USB in the computer. Well after uploading it doesn't look like it's an hd picture. I know the camera is taking better quality then what is uploading (the picture looks better when I hook the camera to the tv with the red,white,yellow cable)

Well after doing some research I've found that It might help to use a FireWire. Is that what I'm doing wrong? My cam does have a FireWire port but my question is does the fire wire connect to my USB port in my computer or do I need to install a FireWire port?

Also what are you guys using to upload your videos to your editor? If you could tell me what device you are using to transfer hd video and where I can get one it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
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