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there are a TON of choices in blinds. pick one that suits your budget. As far as decoys on a traffic field id say go with the best decoys you can afford. just remember guys still kill geese over half tires and wooden silos that are hand painted...but i really dont recommend, id say try the GHG "hot buys" they are shells. buy as many as you can. a flag is important to me and my "crew" as it will draw attention to your spread possibly bringing geese that would have flown right by you a better look(adds a little realism) always make sure you have a pocket in your spread so the birds have a place to want to land. some guys let em land and others bust them right before they land (thats how we do it) just dont be shooting at any bird that flys by or your possible good traffic field will become "toxic" to most local geese and they will encourage migrators to stay away too. the best thing for you is to watch this forum, talk to other reputable guys who know their stuff and even try and tag along with another fowler and see how they do things. just dont be a skybuster just because things are slow or tough. good luck! scouting is the key to waterfowling success. be where the birds are.
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