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As far as blinds go.. I'd go to a cabelas or somewhere and lay in some and see what comfortable actually is.. I've hunted out of power hunters my fair share, and unless you're married to a chiropractor, there are better blinds out there.. Tough thing about blinds is the ones with more of a frame hold the stubble better.. While yes the power hunter is low-profile, the hood sticks up a good bit, and stubble doesn't stay in well.. The same thing goes for the fabric. The heavier denier fabric will hold the stubble better as well.. Basically everyone I hunt with uses the final approach x-land'r.. Unfortunately they don't make it anymore but it's a comfortable blind, holds the stubble well, and has a decent amount of room... You're gonna get a bunch of reccomendations as far as a blind goes, but you won't know what you like until you lay in one to see..
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