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GC Video - CWD Press Conference From March 4th

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Game Commission Monday March 4th CWD press conference Live Stream Video:
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Letemgrow - glad your experience was as you noted.

Perhaps you can fill us in on the reasons the PA Deer Farmers lobbied the legislature to move authority to PDA if the GC wasn't bothering them? Not only did they lobby the legislature, they won in that their bill was one of the 200 per session on average to make it through the process.

Pretty steep odds, but they did it.

Obviously they had a reason for wanting to change oversight and regulatory control.
From talking to some larger farms in the industry, the push is to be recognized as a farming practice. Such as cattle.
The deer farmers are not happy with the DPA for there actions involving the CWD positive doe. They don't agree to the farms on the Quarantine list.
The Feb. issue of the Deer Breeders Gazette has an informative article regarding the CWD positive doe and the family tree of her existance from farm to farm.
If the DPA is doing nothing how did they know what deer and where thay came from to be able to quarantine 27 farms in two weeks. and are still in the process of clearing the farms on the list.
Yes, The legislature in WV is pushing to move cervid farms to Ag as well.

But at what cost to the rest of us? Again and again, it is the deer farms that are the source of CWD.
letumgrow said:
Since the DPA has been involved with the deer industry i have had more contact and paperwork to fill out then i ever had with the GC. I no longer raise whitetails but am involved with tranqing whitetails for other farms.
17 years ago when i first got involved with the indusrty the GC was my contact. It was a joke. The GC never stepped foot onto my property even to inspect my fencing before i was permited to have deer. They simply signed off and the permit was aquired. Never once had a WCO on my property. When the DPA got involved i had a local vet signing off of my herd every year and was out 2-3 times a year to inspect the herd. Also a large packet of paperwork was delivered with papers such as CWD herd Certification Program, Herd Inventory, Leaving The Herd, Adding To The Herd, CWD Submission Form. Non of which was required by the GC.
Every deer that died from my herd was submitted to the DPA for CWD Submittal.
The GC is disgruntaled that they no longer control there valuable resource.
Whether the GC or the DPA are in control of the cervid farms CWD would have still been found.
I can tell you that if you had a propagation permit with the Game Commission and no WCO ever inspected your facility, inventoried your deer and did paperwork on them then that WCO was not only not doing their job but likely was also submitting false reports.

We were REQUIRED to do annual inspections and fill out reports on EVERY propagator within our district. I know in our region if we didn鈥檛 have those reports in on time there was a Supervisor calling to find out why and letting you know that you needed to get it done ASAP.

I also know that in my district any cervid propagators that didn鈥檛 have their fences, paperwork or inventory up to snuff they didn鈥檛 get passed and their permitted renewed until they were re-inspected, with a re-inspection fee attached, and that they could also expect some unannounced visits in the future just to see that they stayed in compliance.

I can also tell you that in the relatively few years since the Department of Ag. took over I learned of way more escaped cervids in the area that was my district then had occurred in the previous twenty plus years. Once the Game Commission was no longer doing inspections many of those fences were no longer being maintained and when I talked to the propagators they would tell me that they were never inspected and only asked via paper work about how many deer they had or where they went. What was even worse is that the Department of Ag. took no steps to correct those problems or to even notify the local WCO when a farm had their deer escape. We usually didn鈥檛 learn of the escapes until some citizen started questioning us about the deer running around with tags in their ears. Then when we would contact DPA about it they were totally unconcerned and didn鈥檛 care if someone deer were out in the wild and instead defended their permittee. That in my opinion was total irresponsible and one of the large reasons we have CWD in this state today.

Dick Bodenhorn
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The GC has spent $500,000 on monitoring this disease. Hunter money.
The lead agency, Pennsylvania Department of Ag has spent $100,000.

Why is Ag in the lead on this?

Why do they seem to have a hands off, low priority on this?

Why do they provide precious little information to the public on this?

Finally, why do they classify deer that escape as "free range / wild" deer after a period of non-capture?
Follow the money.

Fed and State money is drying up. Not much around to use on projects that affect a small percentage of voters. Yes hunters we are only a small percentage in the big picture. In some rural districts we may sway politicians but not everywhere that money is needed.

Thus everyone knows it takes money to work on a solution and the hunters always foot this kind of bill.

The perfect political solution is to increase income to the PGC so they can spend more on the problem. If Ag was required to spend more it would take a tax increase. What do you think would cause more political back lash. Raising the cost of hunting fees or a tax hike. Waugh!
Farm raised venison is a viable commodity as are leather goods from farm raised deer.
Let them eat beef. No one needs deer to survive when they could buy beef. Waugh!
Bluetick said:
Yes, The legislature in WV is pushing to move cervid farms to Ag as well.

But at what cost to the rest of us? Again and again, it is the deer farms that are the source of CWD.
Where do you get your facts that deer farms are the source of cwd in pa or anywhere else , everything that i have read says cwd occurs naturally among cervids. do you have any proof that the three deer infected in bedford and blair co. was caused by a deer farm.
Forestman3 said:
There are NO FACTS here only observations and opinions .
I sure hope its not people with thinking like that thats going to decide what to do about the cwd in the wild but I`m afraid it is.
darkhollowarcher said:
Bluetick said:
Yes, The legislature in WV is pushing to move cervid farms to Ag as well.

But at what cost to the rest of us? Again and again, it is the deer farms that are the source of CWD.
Where do you get your facts that deer farms are the source of cwd in pa or anywhere else , everything that i have read says cwd occurs naturally among cervids. do you have any proof that the three deer infected in bedford and blair co. was caused by a deer farm.
What are you talking about? Do you seriously believe CWD is a natural occurring disease?

You need to get the book 鈥淒eadly Feasts鈥 and read it. The book will walk you through the mutant protein story to better understand what is now CWD in cervids.

No there is nothing to prove that the CWD discovered in the wild deer of Pennsylvania came from farm raised deer but there is little doubt by anyone who really understands CWD that made all of it鈥檚 large jumps by being transported in a vehicle of some kind. Whether it came in the form of a live cervid, parts from a dead cervid or from a bottle of urine may never be know, but it is here and it is too late to change that fact now.

Dick Bodenhorn
I referenced my posts with presumed, or words to that affect. Each time, but it really is going to take more than denials.

Just to much coincidence with the second outbreak.

Everyone take a look at the links provided:

Chronic Wasting Disease Quarantined & Revoked Quarantined

Deer Farms

Look at these these locations on a map:

4794 Trimers Rd, Alexandria, PA,

694 Johnstown Road, East Freedom, PA

190 Nelson Lane, East Freedom, PA

Marked on a map:

Then compare the locations to the map displayed at Monday's CWD Press conference:

Use the distance lines on the GC map for distances on the Mapquest map. <span style="font-weight: bold">It appears </span>to be single digit mileage.

The results are interesting. <span style="font-weight: bold">Though not conclusive or proven</span>. But it does again <span style="text-decoration: underline">raise the issue of very close proximity of deer farms to the outbreak harvest areas. </span>

This is why the <span style="font-weight: bold">questions</span> on the reclassification of captive deer to wild deer by PDA is so troublesome. More, the reluctance or refusal of PDA to answer questions on 100% accountability of captive deer on deer farms, not just in this outbreak area, but anywhere.
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I might be just another working Joe, but I don't have to see a skunk to now one is around. There is more than a casual or happenstance relationship between CWD and deer farms.

The <span style="font-weight: bold">intimate proximity </span>of the three deer farms listed on the <span style="font-weight: bold">rescinded quarantine list</span>, closely mirror the locations of the CWD <span style="font-weight: bold">"wild"</span> deer harvested.

Due that close relationship between CWD harvested deer and the deer farms, a rational, honest, and inquisitive person should be asking those in charge of the investigation for association between the two. To not ask those questions when the association is indeed intimate would be intellectually and commonsensically dishonest.

So I raise the issue and ask the questions. I also ask others if they see the same thing with the information and history on the disease known and available to all.
Two of the deer testing positive were shot in Blair County, and the third in Bedford County. All three were harvested during Pennsylvania鈥檚 regular rifle deer season last fall. .......

The PGC announced the findings on March 1, and held a Harrisburg news conference to provide more details on March 4. At the new conference, the three CWD-positive-testing deer were identified as follows: an adult buck shot in Frankstown Township, Blair County (southeast of Altoona), an adult doe taken in Freedom Township, Blair County (along I-99 near East Freedom), and a 1 1/2-year-old buck shot in South Woodbury Township, Bedford County (near New Enterprise).

In every state where chronic wasting disease exists, it has been first connected to farm-raised deer 鈥 ........

it is not likely a coincidence that CWD has been discovered in Blair and Bedford counties. These two counties alone have over 110 deer and elk farms registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This is approximately ten percent of all the deer farms in the state.......

<span style="font-weight: bold">Neville confirmed that an unspecified number of deer had, in fact, escaped from a Bedford County deer facility last year.

According to Neville, several of those tagged deer were subsequently shot by commission field officers, but all were not shot or captured.</span>

This is not an isolated case. Early last summer a captive doe named 鈥淧urple 4,鈥 because of her purple ear tag bearing a number 4, escaped from an unlicensed deer facility near Alexandria, in Huntingdon County. That deer had originated from the New Oxford, Adams County deer farm, where a captive deer died from CWD last fall.

Purple 4 was first sold to Freedom Whitetails in Freedom Township, Blair County, and then sold to unlicensed deer farmer Gordon Trimer, who lives between Alexandria and Barree.

Again 鈥 perhaps no coincidence 鈥 Freedom Township is one of the Blair County townships where a wild deer has now tested positive for CWD.

<span style="font-weight: bold">According to Neville, some of the escaped Bedford County deer had also been connected to 鈥淧urple 4.鈥 </span>That is, they may have been housed at the same deer farm where Purple 4 had been penned 鈥 making the transmission of CWD possible between deer.......
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Meanwhile back at the ranch...

The Pennsylvania Department of Ag has not mention, no update, and no public information on the second CWD outbreak on their website.

The Lead Agency in the Pennsylvania Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force has been silent on this second outbreak.

Announced publicly March 1, on March 17 there is nothing on the Ag site even mentioning the second CWD outbreak.

Please, take a look at the dedicated, but well hidden off the Ag home page CWD information:
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"In every state where chronic wasting disease exists, it has been first connected to farm-raised deer 鈥 ."

The above is just simply not an accurate statement. CWD has been found in free ranging cervids in New Mexico, Texas, West Virginia and Maryland and no captive cervids in any of those states have tested positive for CWD to date.

Is there a connection with captive cervids in some CWD outbreaks that have occurred in free ranging deer? Undoubtedly there is but there are also a number of instances where CWD was most likely introduced into new areas as a the result of hunters transporting infected carcasses or simply by the natural spread of infected animals due to migration and dispersal.
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