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GC Video - CWD Press Conference From March 4th

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Game Commission Monday March 4th CWD press conference Live Stream Video:
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Great post from someone with hands on experence , but i suspect some of the pgc cheerleaders will continue to complain and try to place the blame on the dept of ag.
Bluetick said:
Yes, The legislature in WV is pushing to move cervid farms to Ag as well.

But at what cost to the rest of us? Again and again, it is the deer farms that are the source of CWD.
Where do you get your facts that deer farms are the source of cwd in pa or anywhere else , everything that i have read says cwd occurs naturally among cervids. do you have any proof that the three deer infected in bedford and blair co. was caused by a deer farm.
Forestman3 said:
There are NO FACTS here only observations and opinions .
1 - 3 of 36 Posts