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GC Video - CWD Press Conference From March 4th

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Game Commission Monday March 4th CWD press conference Live Stream Video:
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CWD is NOT transferable to humans. The Dept. of AG sees it as non threatning to humans therfore it is very low on there priority. If it where transferable to humans then it would be placed higher on their list. It is explained very well in the latest deerfarming paper. Q&A with the Dept. of AG.
Since the DPA has been involved with the deer industry i have had more contact and paperwork to fill out then i ever had with the GC. I no longer raise whitetails but am involved with tranqing whitetails for other farms.
17 years ago when i first got involved with the indusrty the GC was my contact. It was a joke. The GC never stepped foot onto my property even to inspect my fencing before i was permited to have deer. They simply signed off and the permit was aquired. Never once had a WCO on my property. When the DPA got involved i had a local vet signing off of my herd every year and was out 2-3 times a year to inspect the herd. Also a large packet of paperwork was delivered with papers such as CWD herd Certification Program, Herd Inventory, Leaving The Herd, Adding To The Herd, CWD Submission Form. Non of which was required by the GC.
Every deer that died from my herd was submitted to the DPA for CWD Submittal.
The GC is disgruntaled that they no longer control there valuable resource.
Whether the GC or the DPA are in control of the cervid farms CWD would have still been found.
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From talking to some larger farms in the industry, the push is to be recognized as a farming practice. Such as cattle.
The deer farmers are not happy with the DPA for there actions involving the CWD positive doe. They don't agree to the farms on the Quarantine list.
The Feb. issue of the Deer Breeders Gazette has an informative article regarding the CWD positive doe and the family tree of her existance from farm to farm.
If the DPA is doing nothing how did they know what deer and where thay came from to be able to quarantine 27 farms in two weeks. and are still in the process of clearing the farms on the list.
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