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schrommer said:
i mean if the garlic sprouted and then freezes. i know the garlic is supposed to develop a root system before the freeze but am wondering with the warm weather and it sprouting will that make a difference
Isn't gonna Hurt a thing!

I put my Garlic in at the End of August and let it grow till around the end of June Beginning of July...Mine have leaves up a good 6-8 inchs by now and the freeze never hurts them!

My Father-in-law's Brother plants differently (unbelieveing of a Certain 1 on here) and grows his for 2-3 years before pulling and always has nice Garlic Bulbs!

If you have Hyacinths growing in any flower beds, try to remember in February and if there is any snow on the ground, to move some snow away and look for the shoots coming up...they seem to push shoots up long before the snow is even starting to melt and they never freeze and get killed off!

Bulbed flowers/spices don't seem to freeze, thier internal structure does a reverse and creates an antifreeze of a chemical Sorta to keep them from Freezeing!
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