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Gardner snake mult. Rattlesnakes

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Went looking for rattlesnakes today. Good day to be out. Seen 14 in a couple hours. Pic of gardner snake has a dark phase timber rattler below it.


Thanks for looking, sorry if you have dial up
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Neat Pictures! I don't know why anybody would go out and look for snakes
. You will not see me doing that!
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Cool pictures, hope you had a lens that kept you at a safe distance. I'm sure you did. Thanks for sharing.
Geese, you'd better be looking for snakes when your'e there!

Crow, regular digital camera, felt pretty safe.

When given the chance, the snakes have always gone for cover. What you really have to watch for is suprising a snake or having the snake suprise you! They can blend in pretty well. When looking, I try to glance close, then far. Most snakes are seen approx. 15ft away then "snuck" up to :)
I wouldn't want to stroll through that area at a good pace.
I agree...I would not be searching for snakes to take pictures of when there are plenty of other animals I would feel much more comfortable looking at and being around.

Not my cup of tea but nice pics none the less
Very nice pictures.
great pics, love those serpents
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great pics - you must have some sharp eyes to spot them
Nice pics
Nice pics, but if you ask me to go along next time, don't be disappointed if I say NO WAY!!
Cool pics
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