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Gamemaster Sling Location

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Alright guys...
I have an old but clean Remington Gamemaster 760. I have a good load developed, and it shoots with the best of them. Am I doing any damage by using a sling that is on the forend cap? My friend has his sling attached to the barrel of his 7600. It looks like the famous Benoit Brothers use both. Does the barrel sling affect accuracy?
So, which is lesser of two evils?
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No effect on accuracy.....I have always favored putting my front sling swivel on the end of the forend cap, although the factory started suggesting using the barrel band swivel mount on later Remington 760's..I guess the forend tube is not as sturdy on the later models and if you were to (for example) crawl throught brush, with the rifle slung to your back, and the barrel got caught, you could bend the tube and ruin the "pumping" characteristics of the rifle.
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