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Gamemaster Sling Location

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Alright guys...
I have an old but clean Remington Gamemaster 760. I have a good load developed, and it shoots with the best of them. Am I doing any damage by using a sling that is on the forend cap? My friend has his sling attached to the barrel of his 7600. It looks like the famous Benoit Brothers use both. Does the barrel sling affect accuracy?
So, which is lesser of two evils?
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i HATE barrel bands...1, it damages the bluing...i made sure my 760 BDL didnt have one before i bought it...2, any pressure on the barrel does effect the harmonics and accuracy of the bullet.

its a personal thing...i just dislike barrel bands..on any rifle.

get yerself a barrel band and some see through scope mounts and a crappy scope and you got yerself the ultimate "pa brush gun"

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im not getting into that argument, it does effect the harmonics of the barrel..

explain why free floating a stock typically always improves accuracy??? why does anyone that knows squat about shooting NEVER put their BARREL on the bags or shoot with their barrel touching anything?

the band itself may not effect it much..but, put pressure on the sling while you shoot, and it just might throw that bullet a bit..were not talking feet..most guys wouldnt notice the difference im sure...especially most guys shooting a pump gun "as they arent accurate guns" as weve been told...

your 270 bullets will fit inside my 308 and 358 cal holes...but thats because after my group, theres a nice cloverleaf hole in my target for you to aim at

the 308 BDL i snagged looks PROMISING..the whelen needs a little more work but shots under an inch..i shot a clover leaf at 50yds with the bdl with open sights and junk powerpoints...cant wait to get a scope on her and work up a load...just dont know when i'll get around to it..not in a hurry to buy a scope as im carrying the whelen this year..atleast till it kills a buck or bear..havent decided what i wanna do for a scope..could put a 3.5-10 VX III on it...or, could put a red dot or holo site on the whelen and put the 2.5-8 VX III on the 308...the whelen will mainly be for the holo or red dot might be nice..though, if im walkin the mountain and look across to the other side, i wanna be able to crush the bear i see...and on 2.5x i have no trouble swingin and making i dont know yet..and the press is at home...i wont be home till right before bear season as its looking right the 308 wont get loaded for till after flintlock season or so...

but like i said, its a personal each their just not a fan of them..hate them with a passion..almost as bad as see through
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