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Sat was a great day for my oldest son Hunter who is 10. He was able to take his first deer on Game Lands near our camp in Clinton Co.

We got into camp Fri eve right at dark and were lucky to walk into a warm camp. My grandfather and his brother had been in all week for the early muzzy hunt and to do some odds and ends around camp. They got much accomplished around camp and even had crossed paths with some deer during the week but most encounters ended with!

We were working off of some good fresh intell reports since they had just spent a week at camp but we already had a pretty good idea of where we were gonna hunt and their reports just reconfirmed what I already was thinking.

The one particular plot I was interested in is planted in clover and has been hammered all summer/fall long by deer and elk. We spotted Fri eve after getting into camp and settling in and saw 60+ deer in the area including several real good bucks! Hunter and I really had our hearts set on one of 2 piebalds that we had been seeing regularly in the area but he was ready to drop the hammer on the first legal deer we saw!

The morning hunt was uneventful even though we saw several deer with no opportunity presenting itself. That evening found us near the clover plot we wanted to target but there was already a hunter in a tree stand within sight of the plot and several other hunters just out of sight. I didn't like the whole situation and told Hunter we weren't gonna hunt there and moved on over the big deal and the others were well within their rights to hunt there.

We walked over the hill from the plot and found another green clover plot that looked promising. We had anywhere from 90 to 80 yd shot from where we sprawled out and things seemed promising other that the 25+mph wind! Around 5 o'clock 10 deer poured out of the woods into a nearby plot about 300 yds away and that was our cue to tighten up ship so to speak and start paying close attention to the plot we were watching. I try not to make him be to awe full serious when we are out...if he wants to goof off a bit always allow it but I make sure I tell him that it will effect what we see. At this point we both had a belly full of candy and had tickled each other enough that he decided to take a nap...I even heard him snoring but I quickly woke him up and had him get ready! about 30 mins later I see two heads break the horizon right infront of us and I whispered to hunter "deer"

it took him a cpl seconds but he quickly locked onto the them as then feed over the hill onto flat infront of us and he had them in his scope. I had him follow them for several minutes in the scope and make sure he was steady. The whole time we were layed out prone against a big bulldozer clump of dirt and ferns up against the edge of the woods. They fed to with in about 75 yds and I whispered to hunter to get ready. He watched them in the scope intently and I told him to take the safety off...then cock the hammer...NO TRIGER YET

I whispered to him to take some deep breathes, settle in and slowly squeeze...BOOM!!!!!

the deer took off on a hard run to the right and I really wasn't sure about the hit...I had the vid cam running the whole time but I flinched like a mo fo at the shot and you couldn't really tell how the hit was.

We gathered ourselves after a cpl fist bumps and had I rolled over on top of him in excitemement! LOL...we started out into the food plot and it was hard to find the exact spot where the deer had stood but we started circling. We walked to the edge of the plot which was a steep down hill but still field. I saw the white belly and reached for the vid cam. the rest is history...HUNTERS FIRST DEER...


the next killer in the line up...hunters brother fisher...

I feel sorry for any poor animals in these two boys sights for the next several years cause they are both stone cold killers
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