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FYI - Gun Auction - 12 581 Remingtons and others!

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No affiliation, just passing on the info.

Anyone looking for 581 Rems, at Kleinfelter's in Lebanon, 12 are going up for auction on the 28th 6:00 PM, <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">two are Lefties!</span></span> In all there are 57 firearms being sold.
Kleinfelter Auction - gun list

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Bill you need to check out red dings auction on April 21st. A couple rem. 541s' and a bunch of customs built by Edwin Gillman. Looks like a pretty good sale.
bearschlayerx2 said:
Bill you need to check out red dings auction on April 21st.
Where is Red Dings? I'm not real interested in those 581s, but the 541s...well that's another matter all together.
Sorry it is Reddings Auction service. In Gettysburg. Go to auction Their id number is 5077. I knew from previous threads that you are into the 541s' that's why I gave you a heads up. I prolly won't be going to this one as I have too many irons in the fire money wise right now. Beach trip the week before the sale and getting ready to turn one of my garage bays into a new living room, so a gun auction is not a good idea right now. Might get too tempted and get myself in the doghouse.
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