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Fur processing ??

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New to the predator hunting game, this will be my first fall giving it a shot. Should I get lucky and harvest a few fox, I'm not exactly sure what to do with them. I'd like to have a few pelts to hang on the wall. Is fleshing and drying (maybe salting) a cased pelt enough to hang it on a wall? Or would it also need to be tanned?
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You'll need to have them tanned. Case skin, flesh and stretch. I have used Moyles and Sleepy Creek tanneries, probably would go with Moyles. Coon, fox, coyotes are about 20- 25 dollars. Or you could look into home tanning.
Moyles Mink and Tannery is in Idaho, Sleepy Creek in Iowa. They both have websites. A good shipping option is the USPS Flat Rate box; the game board size box will hold 1/2 dozen fox. You can pick up boxes free at most post offices.
Local taxidermists all will take animals in the round and tan the hides. You'll pay many times over what tanneries would charge you. There is a fur buyer/ trapping supply guy out towards Harrisburg that will skin and flesh and then sends out hide for tanning. Forgot his name, others may know it. I don't know of any tanneries in the tristate area that tan for the public.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts