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I have 5 boxes of Herters Fiberfelt Lubricated Shotgun Shell Filler Wads. I got them from my brother in law who got them from our father in law who use to shoot a BP shotgun years and years and years ago..... They are probably 20-25 years old, if not older, in their original boxes.

There are 2 boxes (500 wads each) of 3/8 inch, for 16 guage. There are also 2 boxes of 3/8 inch (500 each), for 12 guage. The last box says .135 "Over the powder Belgian fiberseal shotshell wad" for 12 guage; (1000 wads).

No idea if the wads are worthy or useful. From what others have told me they are in fact for BP shotguns, which I do not have.

I would be willing to pass them on for free if they are useful to you, or, if they are worth a few dollars, make me an offer or trade for something in return.

Thanks for looking.

Chaos USMC
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