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Free Satellite TV

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Is anyone familiar with this type of setup? It will not be practical if the equipment is too expensive.
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The camp that I grew up with died down to two members. Mostly because they lost their hunting land. Two guys hung on, bought the place and brought up their sons and sons' friends. It's still hanging on, but not what it used to be.

We started our own new camp. We brought in new guys. 4 of the guys didn't even hunt growing up. They started as adults. We have 8 guys and will have 9 next year. There is grumbling about seeing few deer but they all like to go up anyway because it's fun.

It's our family cabin so there's no dues or expenses for the guys besides my dad and me. And there won't be as long as I can afford it since the guys are my guests.
FTA..Free To Air... Google it.. you will get some free tv stations..religion, some news, look at the channel lineup.. The big providers now have a blocking system that has not been hacked, so don't even think of geting Dtv or Dish network.. Those days are long gone...
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