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I got the wildfire 2 this year for 180, with a $20 off coupon from cabelas, although i did halfto drive there. watch out for gandermountain, they wanted 299 for the same one. iv seen them at dicks too. wildfire by far the way to go.. nothing wrong with the spitfire but the wildfire has many more featutes like foxbang, and memory

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Call Foxpro directly and ask them what they have in stock as far as refurbished units. I bought my FX3 and it was refurbished. I eventually upgraded it to the FX5 and love it. Their refurbished units are great!

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While we have this discussion going, I got a Spitfire from Dicks for Xmas (well not yet, but I picked it out for my wife to get me), and was debating between the Spitfire and Wildfire (about a $50.00 price difference there I believe.). I was planning on buying the additional Bob Aronsohn Crow sounds for $25.00 (total investment still $25.00 less than Wildfire), which neither the Spitfile or Wildfire come with.

The standard sounds on the Spitfire are:
Coyote Locator 207
001 Male Coyote Challenge Scream 185
002 Female Coyote Bark Howl C15
003 Female Coyote Long Howls C18
004 Coyote Pup Screams C22
005 Coyote Pup Howl 181
006 Scream-n Gray Fox 226
007 Juvenile Red Fox Distress C77
008 Bobcat in heat 230
009 Lightning Jack L00
010 Jackrabbit Distress 233
011 Snow Show 2 L04
012 Bay Bee Cottontail L54
013 Adult Cottontail L55
014 Distressed Calf M07
015 Whitetail Buck Fawn D02
016 Vole Squeaks R07
017 Roar-n Red Squirrel R03
018 Prairie Dog Distress 247
019 Lucky Bird 290
020 Raspy Woodpecker B00
021 Ranting Red Bird B87
022 Raccoon Fight N02
023 Crow Fight.

Standard Sounds on Wildfire
001 Female Coyote Long Howls 1 C19
002 Female Coyote Challenge C24
003 Female Coyote Deep Howls C29
004 Male Coyote Long Howl 1 C33
005 Coyote Pair Yip Howls C31
006 Coyote Pup Distress 3 C27
007 Coyote Death Cry 210
008 Canine Pups 2 C01
009 Juvenile red Fox Distress C77
010 Gray Fox Distress 224
011 Screamin' Gray Fox 226
014 Mt. Lion in Heat 370 (PROBABLY NOT GOING TO NEED IN PA)
015 Mt. Lion Whistle 373 (PROBABLY NOT GOING TO NEED IN PA)
016 Jackrabbit Distress 230
017 Lightning Jack L00
018 Snowshoe 1 L03
019 Snowshoe High Pitch L06
020 Bay Bee Cottontail L54
021 Adult Cottontail L55
022 Vole Squeaks R07
023 Roar-n Red Squirrel R09
024 Field Mouse Distress R10
025 Kitten Distress 2 F02
026 Whitetail Doe Fawn 1 D01
027 Hairy Woodpecker 2 B06
028 Red Belly Woodpecker 2 B08
029 Nutty Nuthatch B86
030 Ranting Red Bird B87
031 Raccoon Distress N00
032 Raccoon Fight N02
033 Crow Fight 270
034 Dying Crow 275

What sounds from the Wildfire list that aren't on the Spitfire list have people had good success using in PA? Looking at the website, I'm sure some of the additional rabit, bird, or raccoon sounds might be beneficial, but still would have to be purchased additionally for both models.

I purchased a spitfire and an external speaker two weeks ago. Really need a louder call with longer remote capability so I will probably upgrade to another foxpro call. pm me if you are interested and I might let er go.

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well I basicly use all the sounds that dont come with the spifire, all tue bird sounds, the kitten sound is verry good for outside susburban areas where there are likely more cats, the raccon sounds can call raccoons, iv used the crow sounds alot infact I used them yesterday with crow fight and dying crow as the fox bang, they come to those calls almost instantly if tye wind is not strong, the 50 extra is well spent, the wild fire has volume between 1-10 and the spitfire is 1-5, i dont think either are louder but there is quite a diff between the numbers on the spitfire, like between 4-5. as far as range if you put the caller on a tripod abouve the weed you will get much better range. your better off buying the whole package instead of buying the lesser version and trying to make it just as good, by that time you will spend as much and there just are thing you cant change like vol controll and foxbang. its like buying a car then installibg a sun roof and leather when its cheaper to just buy it that way.. lol

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In regards to the conversation above, I decided I'm going to order the Foxpro Wildfire 2 directly from Foxpro's site.

With being able to choose the 36 sounds that will come with it, are there any specific sounds that you would definitely get? If so, do you have the specific "foxpro sound number"? I've gone through the site where you can listen to a preview of them, and have a pretty good idea of the ones I'm going to choose, but wanted to see if anyone had any advice on specific onces that work well in PA incase they weren't on my proposed list. (A lot of the sounds can sound pretty similar, especially when there is multiple versions of the same sound.)
Thanks in advance!

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I like my spitfire I'm happy with it but it dosnt hold as many sounds as said but you can always carry an extra sd card with other sounds and a aux cord only takes a few seconds to swap sounds on the remote. I spent 60 less than the wildifre because I got the spitfire on sale so its worth not having the calls when on a budget lol.

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pahonkerhunter said:
I have a wildfire and it works great. It's not as loud as I hoped it to be but I have another speaker that i plug in for the area's that I hunt when I need it to be louder. The remote is alot better than the spitfire in my opinion.
Wow, you need more volume than what the wildfire is capable of? That just seems too loud, IMO.
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