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Hey guys once again the outdoor show in South Renovo will take place. This year it will be held a month earlier on August 23, 2014 from 9am to 4pm. Last year's show turned out to be a huge success even with the rain. Once again there will be another huge prize table that keeps growing by the day! Also there will be seminars and great food as well. The fire company will also be chancing off another crossbow at the event as well. It is a Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package w/ scope, sling, quiver & bolts!! We are also still looking for some vendors and those wishing to donate to the prize raffle. Any questions please contact me ASAP!

Fran Gray Falconry 11am-12pm
FoxPro Presents Kirk McKendree Red Fox Seminar

Featured Sponsors
Boondock Outdoors
Slinger Fly Rods
Bees O'Brien Game Calls

Vendors For 2014 Show
Slinger Fly Rods
Bees O'Brien Game Calls
Bob's Army Navy
Crow's Nest Calls
Smitty's Stretchers
Pete's Fur Shed
Pennsylvania Trappers Association
Jim Moore Flies
Riglin's Outdoors
DIY Trail Cameras
Triple Toe Calls
Kirk McKendree Red Eyes Ops
Mac Calls
Top Calls
Cutting Edge Laser Engraving
CoyoteLight Inc.
Plus Many Moore To Come!

2014 Prize Donation Sponsors thus far!
History Channel’s Mountain Men Will Stringfellow & Tom Oar
History Channel’s Swamp People T-Roy Broussard
FoxPro Furtakers Abner Druckenmiller, Mike Dillon, Steve Dillon & Al Morris
Turkey Nut Custom Strikers
Lamping Foxes
Reclaim’d Outdoors Hydrographics
East Coast Predator Hunters
Final Destination Calls
Bob’s Custom Calls
Moose’s Outfitting
Nitehunt Lights
NvrGvUp Custom Lanyards
Jack’s Mountain Custom Calls
Savage Calls
RR Calls
Skull Bound TV
Clay’s Custom Predator Calls
Solo Mountain Game Calls
Alan Pobst’s All Outdoors
Speedy’s Stinky Cheese Bait
Varmint Hunters Magazine
Coulee Region Coyote Hunters

Hope to see you all there!
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