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FoxPro Customer Service

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I know it's been said here before but, FoxPro Customer Service is A+.

I've never had a situation where they didn't do way more than they needed to.

Those guys are great.
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I just received my wildfire in the mail today and it appeared to be wrong labeled wf1 and the seller assured me it was a wf2 never used. I called foxpro direct and said can you tell me the differnce? He had me look at one thing on the call and one thing on the remote. He assured me it was the wf2 and just had the wrong labeling from them. Guy was extremely nice and will call them again if needed. Great work and great product guys.
Brook Trout - If you ever get a chance, stop in the warehouse. You will leave feeling like you are part of the company.
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I definitely want to do that, I have been by it alot of times but it is always during closed hours or when I just don't have time. I am going to make a special trip over one of these days though.
I placed an order before christmas and the card that was listed on my information on the site had changed since the last time I had ordered something. Within an hour of placing the order one of the guys called to say the card was not valid. Very pleasant to deal with and we even had a normal conversation aside from the business aspect.

I wish more people and companies were that way and you could tell that he as genuine and not because it was his job.
Yep.....FoxPro has earned my loyality by really making me feel like I matter as a customer.

More companies should follow the way they do business.
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