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Not to hijack the thread, but curious on your opinion of the SpyPoint pics sent through cellular. I have two of the cameras and they work well but they compress the photos quite a bit to get the file size down and have it capable for sending. Even if you buy the HD photo upgrade (which I did), the pics are not much better IMO. If you pull the card and download the photos, they are uncompressed and picture quality is great. I know they need to minimize file size to make it possible to send from a trail camera, but was wondering if anyone had experience with another cellular camera manufacturer, are they all this grainy when sent via cellular?
sorry again for the hijack, but seeing it was a SpyPoint picture, was wondering.
Cellular cameras are great, and they keep me "in the woods" all year long. Just looking for some feedback to see if I should be switching to another manufacturer. I was looking at Exodus cameras, much more expensive.
Agreed, quality sent over cellular is just enough to make you want the HD pic or pull the card for certain pics. I guess I’m of the opinion as what I paid for them I’m very satisfied but I’m sure there’s much better. This is the only cell trail cam i’ve owned so I can’t give an opinion on others.
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