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Fox Pro failed me

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I got a new wildfire for christmas and I was hoping to call in a yote or two this weekend for the NE regional hunt. Unfortunately the call would get stuck on a sound and make a skipping noise. I had a few sounds work so I was still able to be out there hunting but I was not impressed with the calls operation. Anyone else have this happen?
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I think that if you contacted Foxpro they would be more than happy to redeem themselves. They are top notch with customer service. With the amount of calls that they make and ship it is possible that they have a few that may be defective.
I have contacted them, awaiting their reply!
I am using the same call and have never had an issue. Did you call them or email them? I have only had one question and I called and they answered it and more while I was on the phone. Mine came with warranty, did you register it in the required 15 days, I am sure they will honor it.
I sent them an email. I contacted them before about the warranty since I recieved the call as a christams present it was past the 15 day time window. They said no problem and allowed me to register for it.
Fox pro makes good gadgets- saturday morning while getting out of canoe into freezing cold river the little string loop that comes out of the bottom of the f-200 remote and connects to the lanyard finally wore thru. I must first tell you this remote is 7 seasons old and been up the creek before. So when I watched it enter the frigid water all I could think was that I must have already gotten my monies worth out of it. After setting a couple Beaver traps and scouting a few stand locations I went home unscrewed the remote carefully dried it off with paper towels (the inside behind the screen was pretty technical) and put in front of a fan. Sunday morning 0700 hrs that same remote turned on my old Scorpion caller and called in a pair of reds that both met their match just yards away from the call. Foxpro=good gadgets
Good deal BR. I have only had mine for a little while and I've been impressed with the battery life. It outlasts my buddies western rivers 3 or 4 to one. I heard back from FP and they said to try new batteries. I tried them in the field and it didnt seem to make a difference. I think I'm going to see if I can get it to make the same sound inside the house tonight and if it does it may need to go back.
most difficulties ive had over the last several years have been caused by low batteries. Ive also noticed that the remote and call communicate alot better if the call is in the air as opposed to on the ground. My call might be getting old but it still brings em in so Im not ready to trade it in yet.
Give them a call. They will fix the problem asap. They will either send you a new caller or fix the old caller. Their customer service is SECOND TO NONE!!!!!
I'm sure they will make it right, I havent heard a bad thing about them. Im just disappointed that it had to happen when it did. I'm also not crazy about sending it back during the season.
They will definitely make it right for you.
Had a problem with a 5 year old FX5. Contacted them, shipped it, and had it back within a week. These guys are absolutely top notch! I'm sure that tey'll resolve your issue quickly.
If you are a member of the Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association, Foxpro also offers a generous discount on their products to support efforts to promote predator hunting opportunities in PA.
Smtn10pt said:
I'm sure they will make it right, I havent heard a bad thing about them. Im just disappointed that it had to happen when it did. I'm also not crazy about sending it back during the season.
If you can drive it to them, I would almost guarantee you that they would work on it while you waited there..........they did it for me last year, when my remote went bad on my Firestorm. I just explained to them that I needed it back ASAP, and they were very understanding. They told me if I shipped it, it would probably be three days total time until I got it back, but if I took it to them, they would fix it while I waited. That alone was worth the 1.5 hour drive for me.
cool beans
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