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Fox calling

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Thinking about buying a electronic call for fox calling . Whats the best call for Red fox in the fall . Rodent distress , fox pup in distress or others ? Is there a difference in Red fox or Gray fox distress calls . Any ideas sugestions ? How about a caller around $200.00 or under . Thanks in advance !
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foxpro just came out with a remote caller I believe is around 200 bucks. it is called the spit fire. the johnny stewert prey master is another good electronic call. the best call for red fox I have found is bird distress rabbit and rodent. for greys hands down johnny stewerts grey fox pup distress. active sounds that sound like alot of activity comes in next.
you should be able to adjust the primos light to center on your gun. there should be two small knobs on the back. They are hard to turn but they adjust the light to where you need em.
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