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Discussion Starter · #1 · who makes turkey jerky and how do you?

After tomorrow, i'm hoping to have a couple birds to play with and will definitely be roasting a breast or 2, but the other two halves I was thinking about doing jerkey with. I'm thinking...

Freeze totally, for a week, then thaw for 8 hours in fridge to "unfreeze" them but make them easier to cut, slice into 1/4 inch slices, then brine with cure for 24 hours, then bake until reaches 165 degrees, then transport to dehydrator? Basically the same as venison, right?

Thoughts on the brine? I don't want my turkey tasting like beef LOL...might use alot of Con Yeager's wing dust in the marinade...I could eat that stuff right out of the jar. It's good on chicken, pork, eggs, shoes, socks...I even brought THIS into the bedroom one time and got chased out again by the's DANG good.
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