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I'm getting a little antsy for the season to start--and the weather Saturday just made it more urgent.

So--I hauled out a few things to get "ready"--and put a fresh edge on these two guys.

I still use my first reloading dies that were Herter's--dating back to the late 50's for my .222

Actually neither of these knives go into the woods--I have carried a Buck 110 folder since the mid 70's--but I like the look and feel of these vintage knives. The glasses--also Herter's, 7 X 35 and are in regular use--they reside on the counter next to the back door--and they are exceptionally good binoculars.

I miss old George and his "marketing"

The knife on the right is still available from Russell and is their "Canadian Belt Knife"--but no longer has the formed sheath.
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Now i'm excited also!
I have a call made by them that my pap got for me years ago!Still use it today.

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Calls from Herters that I still use include goose, duck, squirrel, predator (wounded rabbit), and crow.

My wife loves it when I go out on the deck with the crow calls early in the morning and stir up the neighborhood
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nice knives
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