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just wanted to pass some info along:

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Twin Valley
Conservation and The Halifax Historic Society are partnering to bring a
special presentation to the Jos. E Ibberson Conservation Area near Halifax
at 2PM on Saturday afternoon, August 14. The Shoop Paleo-Indian site in
nearby Small Valley will be featured in a program on the region's first
human visitors and their hunting methods.

The 10,000 year old Shoop site is internationally known as one of the
earliest locations of confirmed human occupancy on the east coast of
America. Gary Fogelman, publisher of Indian Artifacts Magazine, champion
Atlatl thrower, and author of a number of books on early Native Americans
and artifacts, including the Shoop Site, will display artifacts he collected
at the site and other locations.

Mr. Fogelman will discuss the site's first human occupants, who arrived
after the last ice age when it was still too cold for the great forests that
later covered Pennsylvania. He will also demonstrate Atlatl throwing - the
spear like hunting tool used by the Paleo-Indian hunters who annually
traveled to the area in search of migrating caribou and elk.

The free event will be held in the pavilion and the public is invited to

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Hopefully I can make this...It's also Native American artifact weekend out at Shupps Grove in Adamstown that weekend, I'm surprised Fogelman is doing this gig in Halifax, he usually has a pretty big stand set up out at Shupps' each year....I'm gonna plan on doing both...Nothing like a good arrowhead weekend!
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