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<span style="color: #330033">Been busting my hump the last 2 days cutting back 2-3 foot grass down to about 1 inch. The area borders my property and consists of almost 3 acres of clearing. Between is a narrow strip of woods that are my property --funneling deer from 100 acres of mature woods behind my place.....and a large farm. Across the way is another large farm that the deer travel to through the funnel. In the cleared area Im going to plant clover for the deer to make a pit stop between funnels....
YOUR THOUGHTS------------In all honesty the property Im playing with isnt mine but the improvements Im doing can only make it better and the owner isnt too concerned as long as I dont leave anything that can damage his equipment....No problem there since hedoesnt tend to it anymore and I do all the work for free....A win win!

The empty 3 acre lot is fertile as it once was cow pasture. Same with my place. My place contains the woods that funnel the deer. There is about 100 acres of woods total behind me and I have a mix of cherry, oak, walnut, popular, and their favorite mulberry. There is 4 acres directly adjoining my woods in the rear that was select cut 2 years ago and now is thick with cover (again a good thing). A narrow strip of woods, about 30 yards wide by 200 feet approach the front of my property (funnel) from the main woods to the farm across the road that I have sole access for hunting as well. On the opposite side of the funnel is the 3 acres Im working. What I have in mind is simple ---starting at the woodline I have 900 feet to the road.....I will use the back 600 feet by approx. 75 feet to plant the clover. ( Confusing---I hope not) In the past I have used No Plow on woodlines for the same purpose. My stands are on my on property less than 75 feet from where the deer will be traveling to this small food plot adjacent . I figure the deer will show up a little earlier in my woods to hit this feeding plot. Ive always had great luck but just want to improve what I have already made pretty darn good...... </span>
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