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Food plot questions

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1. What is a good food plot for logging trails? 2.How much do you have to plant to make a difference in the quality of deer? 3.Would you plant something on the edge and between apple trees that are spread apart with plenty of sun between them?
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I will try to answer your questions but I don't know all of what you are trying to do.

#1 sun is most important, are you mowing these roads?are you trying to control for erosion?are you traveling on these roads? I like trefoil and crownvetch on my steeper parts, white clover on my flats. I travel my roads to and from my food plots.

question #2 Do you know Pa. has lost over 60,000 farms since the 1970's? I believe this part of the reason we are in Hr. I have never considered Pa. as a big contributor to the world as far as food goes.Thats starts in Ohio and goes west. All game animals benefit from openings put something in it they perfer to eat and they will be there.AS for quality,do you mean healthy deer bigger antlers? There is a lot of proetien out there in our woods, it just how much one gets.

#3 This is my favorite question because I do this a lot.
I have several orchards I am trying to establish of course you don't want to be tearing up the ground around you trees.
I like to plant trefoil and mow around my trees.When I see my trefoil is getting run over by weeds.I will spray with round up.(also a good time to reseed with trefoil in the spring)This will eliminate the weeds an make my trefoil thrive.Trefoil is not high on a deers list but they will eat it when times are tough.Sorry so long but there is alot to your questions.
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I'm just going to walk on the logging trails.

I ment just healthier deer, there is a lot of food around there, but I didn't know if there was something that I could plant to help through winter, rut and any other times they need it.

I'm trying to get a plan together to talk it over with the others who hunt this property so we all are on the same page.

Thanks for your help.
You could plant rye grain which basically grows anywhere even in the back of my truck bed. Lol so I have found out. I would also add some red clover and white clover to the mix as well. Deer really like the clover early season until late season but they go crazy for the standing rye grain once the rut hits and rifle season. Rye is also pretty cheap for a 50# bag you can’t really beat it. I’ve been planting logging landing for a long time, I don’t plant roads because that’s what access to my stand and I don’t want to bump deer while walking in or out. Hope this helps and good luck
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