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Man, hunting on Saturday was brutal. Rained all night Friday night and Saturday was just fog soup. You couldn't see 20 yards is any direction. We are on top of a mountain so we had it worse than the folks on the bottom. We were inside a cloud. Deer movement was zilch, not that I could see them anyway.

Late Saturday night and early Sunday morning the fog cleared, it got cold and deer were moving again. A day too late.
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I was fogged out also in 3C
only hunted till 8 am due to the fog being so heavy only can see 20 yards at the most in every direction
Went back out at noon and it was still bad.It lifted at about 1 and I got a doe at 2
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I had fog come in and out all morning on top the mountain. I was taking advantage of the rain the night before and still hunted slowly across the mountain. About 10am I started dropping in elevation enough that it got clearer, and I found several groups of does and a spike. By noon I was low enough there was no fog. Made it back to the jeep about 4. Was a nice day for me. About a 6 mile slow walk in 9 hours Saw 8 doe and fawns I could have shot, and 1 spike to grow for next year. Also saw 3 tails (did'nt get an ID) also found a few nice spots for stands for next season, and a stand for flintlock.

As an odd note I came across 2 scrapes and 11 rubs on a logging road. All within a 20 foot circle. Now i've walked this particular trail 3 different times since the first day of rifle and never saw that. So either theres a dumb buck that has'nt realized it's hunting season or someone is messing with me. There are 2 different 4 points I saw in that area several times in rifle season, they may be the dummies.

So for me it was a great last day. I love to stillhunt and the conditions were right to get right up on deer.
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Had fog Monday morning, and fog and a heavy haze Friday and Saturday. Luckily viability never got worse than 75 yards. But Friday and Saturday it rained heavily all day long.
Could only see about 50 yds where I was.Walked down the hollow a few hrs in the afternoon and it was a little clearer the further down I went but not much.Not an ideal day.
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