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If you are having trouble in low light, try unscrewing the insert, and just use the threaded portion of the rear sight. Your eye will automatically find the center of the larger hole. Another option is to run a .125 bit through the rear sight insert. I use the TC sight on my Hawken and a Lyman 57 on a RMC. On the RMC, I cut down a TC tang and glassed it into the stock. I then drilled and tapped two holes into the metal to mount the Lyman with scope base screws. Mounting a peep with wood screws into the wrist/tang area is a disaster waiting to happen. Ask me how I know about the wood screws! I have a fibre optic front on the Hawken and a Williams ivory front bead on the RMC. The glow sight works better in low light. The smaller ivory bead gives a better, clearer to my eyes, sight picture. Pay your money and take your choice.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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