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Flintlock or all muzzleloaders?

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What do you want the late season to include?
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Denny B said:
Proud of PA's Flintlock season. Hope it always stays that way.
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The last state with a traditional season doesn't mean we need to change a thing. KEEP IT FLINT ONLY!!
I agree, it is nice to be different.
Keep it flintlocks only. I guess for some folks it all about killing. There is enough time to kill your deer with a 2 week either sex season in most of the state. I love the CHALLENGE of a flintlock. You never know when there will be a misfire or it might go off like a rifle. It takes practice to use a flintlock efficiently. I work harder every year to try and get better. The bottom line is alot of folks don't want to work for it and want to go out with an inline and fill their remaining tags. I have an inline, I use it in West Virginia and PA rifle. They are rifles. Not very challenging
It' flintlock season not muzzleloader season...
WOW!!! 128 to 20 for keeping things as they are!! Talk about a landslide!!
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I`m actually kinda suprised there is even 20, but I respect their vote.
Flints Only!!! I love my .50 cal. T/C Pro Hunter, so I use it in reg. rifle season. just MO.
flintlocks only. don't need a second rifle season with the inlines.season is peaceful and well left as is.
It crushes me to see 22 percent the otherway.
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Bunky said:
It crushes me to see 22 percent the otherway.
Be happiy with almost 80%!!!!
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Flintlocks Only! I feel really spoiled that I still have another week to hunt for a buck or doe here in 5c.
Hey guys I am with you all the way. Only thing that bothers me though is we do not get to make the decisions! Flintlock is a wonderful season and a great time to be out of the house and yes it is not always about killing something, but there has been changes in the past that i thought would not happen and did?? I wish that with every license purchased you got 1 vote on certain things dealing with hunting/trapping etc. I agree that some other facts, research, human conflict etc. need to be taken in to acoount when making decisions but having ~1/2 dozen people vote on the changes is kind of crazy? I know not all the changes and laws are made by a select few but some are and where!!
it is all about keeping it real

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like i said in another post. our game commission caters to special interest groups and are probably force by our pa government. and we the hunters are not being heard. i agree to, that flintlock season should be kept the way it is now. i am sure there are rules that have change for flintlocks. but i don't want to see it get to modernized. because there is something about not knowing if the flinter will go off.
In my opinion only; I believe that the allowance of peeps and projectiles other than roundball is just the first step to the "trail of many tears" concerning a 2-3 week after Christmas season. I hope I am not right on this but I really feel they are going to modify it even more in the next year or so.
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