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Flintlock or all muzzleloaders?

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What do you want the late season to include?
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Late season is fine just the way it is LET IT ALONE!!!!
I agree, leave it alone!!! Keep inlines out of the late season. All they are is a single shot rifle that you happen to load through the barrel
Don't mess with the best
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Although I have both I must say keep it flint.
To my knowledge the season being referred to was named from Day one "Deer, Antlered or Antlerless Flintlock".

Some PA tradition needs to remain as originated. Keep it Flintlocks!
Flint only, if you want to change anything, make it stick bows only, No compounds.
As I said in the survey forum, I wouldn't be opposed to traditional percussion guns, but if you allow them there would be no way to keep the inlines out. No matter how you structured it, eventually they would creep in, so I voted "flint only".
Some state only alow sidelock guns.

With that said keep those rocklocks. I only one one muzzleloader. It's the only one I need.
Flintlock only...
Flintlock only and hopefully forever more. I pray the powers that be don't give in to the commercial/political powers and change, yet, another season. they already added crossbows to the early AND late seasons.. what's next is sort of troubling come to think of it
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Flint & rb only. I would be opposed to inlines
i think they should go back to the old way round ball and iron sites
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