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What size of the knapped flint would I use in 54 Hawkin.Everyone talks of them being better but no talk of size. Also where to find Rich Pierce flints. I have had no luck in search. Thanks for the valuable info on this forum

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Rich is a stranger to our boards but can can be found at below address

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Hope this helps, Stan
Pierce Longrifles and Accoutrements
Missouri Long Trek Flints
Custom Powder Horns
Custom 1750-1790 Firelocks
Rich Pierce
504 West Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130
[email protected]
Note: due to excess orders in September I
am running 30 dozen (3 weeks) behind
and am limiting customers to 1 dozen
total gunflints (any combination of sizes)
until I get caught up. If you need flints
sooner I recommend the English flints at
Missouri Long Trek Flints are hand-knapped from white to gray “Burlington” chert that I
gather myself. There is no warehouse with flints on the shelves; just a guy finding flint rocks in his spare time
and breaking them up in his basement. The color, gloss, and shape of the gunflints vary a bit within a single
batch and during the year as I explore new sources for raw material. I hope you will find them to be “rough,
tough, and sparky” and a great value. Standard sizes are 1/8” longer than wide. Though not “flat-topped”, they
will not be overly “humpy”. If I ship them, I’d use them.
I also have some original 1800s vintage flintlock period black English musket-sized flints found in a
warehouse. I sort, retouch and resize them (some are bigger than most folks use) and sell these at $20 per
dozen in 1” wide and 1 and 1/8” wide. I can offer these in bulk at $150 per hundred
October 2010-December 2010 Pricing
5/8” x 3/4” gunflints- white $12.00 a doz. Custom large (wall gun) $1.75 each
3/4” x 7/8” gunflints- white $15.00 a doz. Sharp shards, irregular $0.50 ea
7/8” x 1” gunflints- white $15.00 a doz. Flat Rate Box, >50 $25.00 shipped
1” x 1.125”gunflints- white $18.00 a doz. Thin “bag” shards $1.50 ea
1” x 1.125” gunflints- ENGLISH $20.00 a doz. XL “kitchen” shards $1.00 ea
1 and 1/8” x 1.25” gunflints- white $18.00 a doz.
1 and 1/8” x 1.25” gunflints- ENGLISH $20.00 a doz.
Shipping I charge $1.75 to pack and ship 1 dozen flints by USPS, first class, but only $2.25 to ship 2 dozen,
$3.25 to ship 3 dozen, etc. If your whole order is musket flints, I’ll figure a little extra for postage. Shipping to
Canada by airmail sometimes takes almost 2 weeks. Shards, being heavy, cost more to ship. The Flat Rate
Priority Mail Box of shards for strike-a-light, which contains at least 50 assorted irregular flint shards, is a great
value. Share these with friends or teach scouts or other kids how to make fire with flint and steel. They have
sharp edges but may be thick. With the large Flat Rate box of shards ($25 shipped), the customer is getting
more than 50 shards for $14.65, since the shipping costs me $10.45. If you order gun flints at the same time this
saves shipping costs, because it is all included in the flat rate.
Availability: I am 3 weeks behind and limiting orders to 1 dozen total till I get caught up. When I
eventually get caught up I’ll still ask customers to limit their order to 2-3 dozen of any one size, so I can serve
other customers. If you do not know the size of flint you need, check with the manufacturer of the lock or gun,
or measure a flint that works well. Flints should not be wider than the frizzen at its widest point, and should be
of a length that allows secure half-cock position, and flips the frizzen open readily.
Ordering Please email me ([email protected]) with your name, address, and quantities of flints
desired, sizes, etc. I then ship the flints to you with an invoice. Please do not pre-pay, as I prefer to not have
your money, while you don’t have the flints. Please do not include more money with the payment for your
current order and ask for more flints. Just place a new and separate order as you did for the current order.
Otherwise, things get confused, I lose orders, and you are inconvenienced.

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More, Stan
Return policy: When you receive the flints and invoice, please inspect them immediately and test them for
sparkiness in your unloaded gun or with your firesteel. Please do not wait to go to the range. Just dry fire an
unloaded gun in a darkened room. If satisfied, please send me cash, a money order or a check as payment,
made out to “Rich Pierce”. If the flints I send are not suitable, you may send them back to me at your expense.
That is no problem whatsoever.
Other items I occasionally build rifles and smoothbores in Colonial styles, focusing primarily on the period
from 1750-1790. I may have something in stock in the $1800-$2400 price range, so ask if you have interest. I
also make powder horns for the same time period to order in the $100-$175 range, and sometimes have one or
two in progress or in stock. I favor large horns engraved with simple period designs.
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