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Flint only season

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How long do you think that the flintlock only season will stay that way and not admit the inline rifles? I think it's coming pretty soon and really hate to see the last part of the old PA regulations changed.

Maybe the flintlocks should be included in the archery season if we share with the inlines after Christmas. I doubt many people would buy a new flinter if they could use an inline (other than me of course) in that season. What do you think share the archery season and share with inlines later. More season for my flinters; OH YEAH.
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i dont think we will see it for a while they might get a couple of days [i hope not ]i like it just they way it is
Personally, I think out existing flinter season will stay the way it is for some time and I hope it does.

With that said, I do believe that we will see some kind of a push for muzzleloader hunters(all types) to get a whack at some antlered deer at some point in their own season as many states already allow.
We already have a whack at antlered deer. 2 week rifle season/late flintlock season. That's 4 weeks of whacking. 2 weeks with an inline.
I doubt the "primitive" season will be changed anytime soon, as for a week in early/mid Novemember for an antlered deer, I can see that happening.
There are still too many grey beards in favor of keeping it the way it is. Maybe, as that number reduces through attrition.

I'll be fighting change for as long as I am able
personally, i could care less about using a flint in the early season. how many other flintlock hunters really care to hunt that time of year? i'am sure the inline crowd will get into the late season at some point, so all we can do is enjoy what we have now and try to keep it as is for as long as we can.
I do enjoy toting my flintlock during the early season. When we head upstate to Tioga Co.(if we drew 2G tags), we're three generations of family flintlock toters. I find it hard to take a nap when it's 20° and snowing!

I'll continue to strongly support our Flintlocks Only season because that is indeed a special time of year for Pennsylvania hunters and their flint and steel smoke poles.
Hopefully, the flintlock season stays the way it is. I only got a chance to hunt a few times this late season, but had the most fun of the entire year!
I never understood the cry for an early flintlock or muzzy antlered season as we already have a firearms season in which to use both. If it is ever implemented it's going to be the same as rifle season only earlier as hunter numbers for that hunt will skyrocket.

I don't see the late season ever changing to inlines as it's supposed to be a low impact season, which it is. Some will argue there is no difference between the two weapons but that is bunk.
Myself, I'd love to be able to hunt antlered Deer the first 2 weeks or so of Nov. whish would be the last 2 weeks of Archery ? Archers get 6 weeks ? to take a Buck prior to rifles. Would it hurt for archer's to let us (flinters) share in the last 2 weeks of their season ? Aren't flinters pretty much as traditional a weapon as there is going right now ?

Everybody has wants and opinions. That just happens to be mine.
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Sure they're a traditional weapon. A little more range than a bow or crossbow for the most part. I still say if it were to happen it would just be like rifle season, maybe more so.

The whole purpose of the early muzzy season was to help with the harvest of antlerless deer. I'm not sure when or why this other line of thinking came along. With the inclusion of crossbows, nobody is left out of archery season unless they don't want to participate due to their own stubbornness.

I want to hunt bucks in velvet in August. When do I get that?
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Relax. Joining you (archer ?) with a flinter to hunt the archers sacred rut, won't result in an abundance of buck being killed. My guess is that most guys that would take a flinter, would be crossover types anyhow. Meaning they also archery hunt, but chose to take a flinter on a given day instead.
My flinter is a "traditional" ,45 cal, 40" barrel, open iron rear and brass front sight, PRB over FFF BP.

Not as many traditional flinters out there anymore as there are not many traditional archers out there anymore but that's O.K. if that's their choice, just don't tell folks that a compound bow is a traditional bow.

I love hunting in the primitive season, it is more a time to reflect on our past and also enjoy time together with like minded folks. IMO It is not about the kill it is about the hunt.

One thing for sure, you find out why there was not many fat indians
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Fleroo said:
Relax. Joining you (archer ?) with a flinter to hunt the archers sacred rut, won't result in an abundance of buck being killed. My guess is that most guys that would take a flinter, would be crossover types anyhow. Meaning they also archery hunt, but chose to take a flinter on a given day instead.
I think it would become a very popular season and many would participate unless it was limited to a lottery drawing as has been suggested by some. At that point is it about managing the resource or just creating a novelty for money? Other than the early youth and senior rifle season, which again is to help out with antlerless harvests, no other antlered deer season has a limit on participation.

With the after Christmas hunt, which is intended to be low impact, adding inlines would have the same effect in my opinion. More hunters and it would just be another rifle deer season.
By the way I hunt with a bow, inline, flintlock and rifle so I guess that just makes me a plain old hunter.
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They probably would expand the eary season before they mess with the traditional late season.
Late season should be
wood stocks
open sights
and patched RB's
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I'd say Within 5 years. Crossbows snuck in, which I never would of thought would of happened.
Personally the normal deer season you can hunt with whatever you want to personally I carry my flinter during "rifle" season unless the weather is really bad. Shooting a deer with a rifle has got too easy at times point and click. Hunters are able to use a flinter inline bow crossbow etc... During the "rifle" season if he/she wants too. But please don't mess with the "traditional" season
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