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Ran hounds with the boys in the morning and the dogs managed to put a cat into a ledge. Then shortly after I left they jumped a coyote and managed to kill it, a 30lb female.
Decide to brave the temps tonight to do alittle calling. Full moon and fresh snow, one of my favorite conditions even though I know most guys find it unfavorable.
On my third stand I had this grey come rushing in. Sent a load of 3 1/2" Winchester Xtended Range in B shot to him at 20yds. DRT. Didn't even need my headlamp to see him coming in due to how bright it was. Put my red dot on him and it was over.
A couple stands later I had another grey come in but he skirted my setup at about 60yds. I didn't want to take that far of a shot at him trotting and risk crippling him. Maybe I'll get another crack at him next week.
The male I killed was still nicely furred. Outside temp in my truck said five degrees.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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